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An Independent Consultant in the Fields of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

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715 South Seventh Street

St. Peter, MN 56082-1435


Consultant Profile

            Dennis C. Henry, Ph.D., is an independent consultant providing scientific and technical services to manufacturing and service industries, railroads, utilities, government agencies, private institutions and individuals. The practice was established in 1980 and has been operated continuously since that time.  He is a Life Senior Member of IEEE and the EMC Society of IEEE.

            Dr. Dennis C. Henry is Emeritus Professor of Physics at Gustavus Adolphus College, having retired in 2009 after 30 years of service, with 14 as Department Chairman. He received the Ph.D. in physics from the University of Iowa in 1978. His dissertation topic was "A Magnetic Susceptibility Study of the Alloy System SmPxS1-x". He holds the M.S. in physics from Purdue University and the A.B. in physics from Wabash College.

            He taught the full range of courses, with regular offerings in electronics and instrumentation, electromagnetism and circuits, E&M theory, statistical and thermal physics, modern physics, physics of sound and music, and experimental modern physics. He developed and taught special-topics courses in magnetic measurements and materials, electromagnetic interference and compatibility, U.S. railroad history, and communications technology, among others.  During schooling he worked in technical positions at 3M Company, Northern Pacific Railway Signal Department, Purdue University, University of Iowa, Hoosier Crown Corporation, Wabash College, and in his own electronics shop. 

            His research with students and in industry has focused on magnetic shielding in pipes, electromagnetic interference, soft magnetic materials, railroad control systems and numerous proprietary technologies and inventions.

Consulting Approach

            Dr. Henry welcomes inquiries regarding possible consulting services. Initial communication to determine the nature and scope of the services required and cost estimates are provided on a no-fee basis. This is followed by a contract proposal or retainer for services, supplemented as needed by client non-disclosure agreements and waivers. Upon acceptance, such retainer agreements or contracts become the basis for providing services.  Referrals to and from other established consultants, such as Kimmel Gerke Associates, Ltd. ( are routine. Client references, non-proprietary project descriptions, and copies of publications and presentations are available upon request to Dr. Henry, with several available at

            Consulting services may be provided by e-mail, telephone or in writing from our office, or in person on client property. We do not provide test and measurement services as such, but do retain access to some specialized equipment for trouble-shooting and limited low-frequency magnetic field measurements.  We maintain an extensive professional library and secure computer network with wired high-speed internet connection.

Examples of Consulting Services


    Analysis and mitigation of real or potential malfunctions of equipment and systems due to emissions of and susceptibility to electromagnetic fields, waves and various noise sources


    Evaluation of proposed or existing devices employing electrical or magnetic technologies and materials


    Evaluation and interpretation of patents


    Assistance with development and testing of proprietary processes and products


    Assistance with applications of new and existing technologies to freight and passenger railroads


    Service as consulting physicist to companies and organizations requiring occasional assistance on a continuing basis


    Reviewer of physics faculty and departments at colleges and small universities


    Production of technical reports, presentations, and instructional materials


    Creation and delivery of short courses, workshops and seminars


    Service as a scientific or technical expert in legal matters

Professional, Technical, Historical and Honorary Society Memberships

Life Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) since 2016, Senior Member 2012, Member 1986

Electromagnetic Compatibility Society of IEEE since 1986

American Association of Physics Teachers (1966-2011)

Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society since 1968
Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society (since 1977, inactive since 2007)

Delta Pi Alpha German Language Honor Society induction in 1965

Lexington Group in Transportation History since 1982

Minnesota Historical Society (1982-2012)

Spark Circle Member of the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting since 2009

Audio Society of Minnesota since 2015

Current Member of Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association, Burlington Route Historical Society, National Association of Railroad Passengers, Great Northern Railway Historical Society, Monon Railroad Historical and Technical Society, Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Historical Society, Milwaukee Road Historical Association

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